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Manly is from Waialua and graduated from Waialua High School in 2002. He did Judo and Aikido while in high school. Manly joined the military after high school, and has been assigned to various locations throughout his military career. He has a degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Manly works as a Senior Military Combative instructor and is currently a brown belt at CJJF Central. He has taught military and law enforcement around the world. He has a comedic approach to his teaching style and will give nicknames to certain positions and moves in hopes that students can absorb the techniques easier.

Manly has fought MMA and competed in both gi and no-gi Jiu Jitsu all over the world. Manly believes in the defense aspect of Jiu Jitsu and he tells students that the most important thing is to stay safe; as Jiu Jitsu is, at the most fundamental level, a self-defense martial art.